Jake Paul VS Tommy Fury: How to Watch the Match For Free

In boxing, rivalries between fighters are often intense, with no love lost between them. This can manifest in a weigh-in scuffle or a war of words beforehand. The sport’s newest rivalry has a modern edge to it, with two well-known personalities set to face off in the ring.

In one corner, we have Jake Paul, a former internet star who made his name on YouTube and through his music before turning his hand to boxing. In the other corner, we have Tommy Fury, a reality TV star and one of the younger brothers of one of the most successful boxers of all time.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul – Getty Images

Their long-standing feud has been brewing for years, with both fighters exchanging insults and trash talk. Sunday’s fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is one of the most anticipated in modern boxing history, not necessarily because of their relative qualities, but because of the bad blood between them.

Here’s where you can watch Paul and Fury battle it out:

Australia: Kayo
Canada: DAZN
Brazil: DAZN
UK: BT Sport

The fight will take place on Sunday, February 27, 2023, at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. It will be broadcast live on pay-per-view via ESPN+ in the United States. However, for those who don’t want to pay the full price, there are some ways to watch the fight for free.

Tommy Fury
Tommy Fury – Getty Images

One option is to sign up for a seven-day free trial of ESPN+ and cancel the subscription before the trial period ends to avoid being charged. Another option is to attend a watch party hosted by someone who has already purchased the pay-per-view. It’s also possible that someone may share a live stream on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, although these streams are often low-quality and can be shut down at any time.

In countries outside of the United States, the fight will be available on various streaming services such as Kayo in Australia, DAZN in Canada and Brazil, and BT Sport in the UK. However, it’s important to note that there isn’t a legal free Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live stream available.

Despite the lack of a free, legal option to watch the fight, many are eagerly anticipating the bout. Paul, who has an undefeated professional record of six wins, has yet to face a bona fide professional boxer in the ring. Fury, on the other hand, boasts an undefeated professional record of 7 wins and has been fighting professionally since 2018.

With so much at stake and so much bad blood between the two fighters, the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight is sure to be explosive and thrilling. Whether you’re a long-time boxing fan or just tuning in to see what all the fuss is about, this fight is not to be missed. So sign up for ESPN+ or one of the other streaming services available in your country, and get ready to watch these two boxers go head to head in what promises to be one of the most exciting fights of the year.

The Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. ET (1 a.m. local time) on Sunday, February 27, 2023. The undercard bouts will begin at 2 p.m. ET (10 p.m. local time), so make sure to tune in early to catch all the action.

In conclusion, while there are no legal options for watching the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight for free, there are still some ways to enjoy the fight without paying the full price. Whether it’s through a free trial, watch party or social media, there are options available for those who want to catch the action without breaking the bank.

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